As you may have heard, Ive spent some time at work working on an open source, language-agnostic a/b testing framework.

Well, today, Im happy to announce its public launch. You can read the format announcement post here, and view the website here.


sixpack-server and sixpack-web are built with Python and Werkzurg, with Redis as the primary datastore. It also make use of a little bit of Lua script for interacting with Redis.

Go ahead an browse the source at github.

Client libaraies are available for Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby.


We had originally planned to launch Sixpack several months ago, but decided to let it run in production to gather quite a bit more data. This turned out to be an incredible good idea, as it helped up to squash several more subtle, yet show-stopping bugs, such as bad robot detection, and some bugs related to sixpack-web and the client libraries.

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