The lengths New Yorkers will go for a drink, the Raine’s Sandwich.

By the following weekend, a vanguard of downtown saloon-owners were gleefully testing the law’s limits. A suspicious number of private “clubs” were founded that April, and saloons started handing out membership cards to their regulars.

Less than a week this lasted. Everything great about NYC goes back as far as NYC is old.

Law enforcement declared itself satisfied. “I would not say that a cracker is a complete meal in itself, but a sandwich is,” an assistant D.A. in Brooklyn told an assembly of police captains as the first Raines hotels sprouted up. Remarkably, the courts upheld these definitions of “meal” and “guest.”

This attitude is still prevalent in NYC. It will never be impossible to find a bar in the five boroughs to find a drink. Whisky Town has frozen Hot Pockets, but no operational microwave, BGH has their assortment of potato chips, and of course, McSorley’s, which has to try pretty hard to get shut down as it is.